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Dogpile Search Has Gone Mobile

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by Andrew Sprague

They say curiosity killed the cat, but dogs will sniff out the answers to all their questions. When a pup is curious he may use his sense of smell—but now there’s an easier way to find what you’re looking for!

InfoSpace just released the new, free Dogpile Search app, which is available for the iPhone and iPad. Dogpile allows you to perform quick Web searches, and in seconds, find the answers to any questions or curiosities you may have. It’s that simple!

With so many apps on the market today, it can be hard to know which to choose. But when it comes to Web searching, Dogpile will be your best friend. That’s because when you enter a search term, Dogpile goes out and gathers results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. After removing duplicate pages, we display only the best the Web has to offer.

This app doesn’t just search the Web though. There are several other exciting features included. The first is the ability to search for images. Use the Dogpile app to find almost any picture imaginable. Share your searches with others, post images on Facebook, or email Web searches to friends. The possibilities are endless.

The Dogpile app is the one stop, time-saving search solution for your iPhone and iPad. Download it today at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dogpile-search/id526817899?mt=8, and let us know what you think about it on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DogpileSearch.

TaxACT’s Top 10 Tax E-Filing Tips and Links for Procrastinators

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With only a couple of weeks remaining until Tax Day, we thought we’d share some last minute tips to assist the remaining 25% or so of taxpayers who file their taxes during this period. Here are 10 tax filing tips and the most popular helpful links for our procrastinating blog readers out there.

1. Get organized before sitting down to prepare your tax returns. Collect all your tax documents and information, including W-2s, 1098s, 1099s, receipts and a copy of last year’s return. Worried about forgetting something? Use TaxACT’s checklist at www.taxact.com/checklist or the list on our free mobile companion app, TaxACT Central. You can download the app at http://www.taxact.com/mobile/taxact-central/.

2. Forgot your TaxACT Online user name or password? Go to: http://www.taxact.com/tsupport/FAQDisplay.asp?Question=325/.

3. To get free help in TaxACT, sign in to TaxACT (or open your desktop application) and click on the Help tab for specific information about that interview question. You can also search TaxACT’s Answer Center or e-mail us from there.

4. Check for these common errors before you file: incorrect SSNs, misspelled names, filing status errors, and incorrect bank account numbers for direct deposit or payments.

5. Find out ways you can review your return on TaxACT at: http://www.taxact.com/tsupport/FAQDisplay.asp?Question=522/.

6. E-file for peace of mind and the fastest refund. E-filed returns are processed faster than paper returns, and e-filers receive confirmation when their returns are processed, usually within minutes. If you owe taxes, you can e-file at any time and schedule payment via electronic funds withdrawal or credit card up until the filing deadline. For the fastest refund possible, e-file and choose direct deposit. Most states encourage e-filed returns. You can check the status of your e-filed return 24/7 at efstatus.taxact.com, m.taxact.com and in TaxACT Central.

7. Step-by steps instructions on how to e-file in TaxACT: http://www.taxact.com/tsupport/video/video-tax-topics.asp?t=13.

8. Want to confirm whether or not your return has been filed using TaxACT? Visit: http://www.taxact.com/tsupport/FAQDisplay.asp?Question=551.

9. How to print your return: http://www.taxact.com/tsupport/FAQDisplay.asp?Question=635.

10. Since April 15 lands on a Sunday this year, the IRS is giving taxpayers two extra days to file their taxes. Try not to miss the April 17, 2012 filing deadline. If you need more time, submit IRS Form 4868 for an automatic 6-month extension to file. Remember – an extension to file is not an extension to pay. Pay any taxes due by the 17th to avoid late payment penalties and interest. Filing late will result in a 5% per month penalty, up to a maximum for 25% of the unpaid balance, and the failure-to-pay penalty is 0.5%. Call the IRS to discuss payment plans and options if you can’t pay your bill in full. State extension rules and deadlines vary, but an extension to file gives you until October 15, 2012 to file your federal tax return. It’s free to prepare, print and e-file federal and state extensions on TaxACT.com.

Happy e-filing!

Jessi Dolmage
PR Manager

InfoSpace Raises a Glass to GeekWire

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First Birthday parties are fun to begin with. But if you’re a technology lover, icing on the cupcake is going to a birthday party with over 500 self-described geeks, developers, and friends of GeekWire.

GeekWire 1st birthday cupcakes!

Leading up to the party, the appropriately-themed Summit, “How to stay innovative in a world of technological change,” included an impressive lineup of speakers, including former Microsoft Software Architect Ray Ozzie, Microsoft General Manager Lili Cheng, Facebook Engineering Director Jocelyn Goldfein, and Hulu CTO Richard Tom.

Sponsoring the cocktail party that wrapped up the summit was fabulous and fun. Our own tech team developed (and taste-tested!)  the recipe of the signature cocktail drink and its name, “DEV-licious” to toast the occasion.

Our cool signature cocktail drink ticket

InfoSpace Sr. Software Engineer Michael Schaffer with his winning cocktail concoction!

Here are additional photos of GeekWire’s guests, speakers, and some of InfoSpace’s talented developers. All photos in this post are taken by our own InfoSpace Web Developer Linda Huynh!

InfoSpace techies Todd Wunder, Justin Law & Korina Stark at our booth


Our three InfoSpace "musketeers," Korina Stark, Mahesh Bogadi and Michael Schaffer




LinkedIn helps companies like InfoSpace get connected

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LinkedIn has been getting quite a bit of media coverage lately, from news about sharing its privacy policy to being ranked in a study as the top social network for recruiting. Today, LinkedIn announced its new “Follow Company” button. As the company blog states, companies can now add this button to their company websites. LinkedIn users can then follow news about companies they’re interested in on LinkedIn. While this sounds to me a little like it’s share button, as the social media online publication, Mashable, also noted in its article about LinkedIn today, it seems that this new “follow” feature allows for more direct access to each company’s page. We’ve added a LinkedIn follow button to our company homepage today to see if it would be worth all the excitement. LinkedIn has never proven to be a disappointment to us in the past.

As a primarily B2B company, InfoSpace’s social network is more active on LinkedIn more than it is on its more consumer-facing social networking pages on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and YouTube. We’re pleased that we have an online social outlet to share InfoSpace’s company news, job opportunities and industry trends on our LinkedIn Company Page. In fact, our new LinkedIn Group, “Infospace Search Group” started just recently, and we’ve been able to get discussions started with our business partners, peers, and colleagues in the search space. Sign into your LinkedIn account and join our group or follow our Company page at: www.linkedin.com/company/infospace. You can also click our new LinkedIn “Follow” button on the homepage of our corporate website at www.infospaceinc.com, or click the icon right here:

TaxACT’s Super Bowl Ad Rated a Top Favorite

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If you were one of the 111.3 million viewers to watch Super Bowl XLVI last night, there’s a good chance you also watched some or all of the 57 Super Bowl ads that aired during the Big Game and picked your favorites among them.

We think TaxACT’s “Free to Pee” commercial was the best of the best. (View TaxACT’s 30-second spot below.) While we are obviously biased towards TaxACT, our tax preparation software business, we can’t be too far off, since a viewer panel of nearly 300 volunteers watched and rated the TaxACT spot as a top favorite for USA TODAY Facebook Ad Meter’s Super Bowl contest.

Last night’s results placed TaxACT’s commercial as the 11th most liked Super Bowl ad. It ranked 7.86 on a scale of 0 to 10, finishing just 0.08 points behind 10th place.

“The panel’s ratings show our ad elicited an immediate and strong emotional response, and that’s exactly what we wanted,” said Kris Peterson, TaxACT’s vice president of marketing. “Rather than focusing on the act of doing your taxes, we wanted to connect viewers with the emotion of being totally free — the same feeling you have when using TaxACT’s free product.”

The USA Today and Facebook Ad Meter contest continues until 6 p.m. February 7. Winners will be announced Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on usatoday.com and in the Wednesday print edition of USA TODAY. Vote for the TaxACT commercial and view an expanded web version of the ad at free.taxact.com.

A Super Week to Feel the Free

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It has been a momentous week for InfoSpace: We officially completed the acquisition of TaxACT, one of the leading online tax preparation providers; our company stock reached yet another 52-week high, and, in just a matter of days, our new sister company will air its new commercial during the high-profile, most pre-buzzed, broadcast event of every year – the Super Bowl!

We all know that the Super Bowl is more than football. Some viewers tune in just for the ads. Our new colleagues at TaxACT are well aware of this, and have been promoting the Big Ad for the Big Game for weeks with a “Feel the Free Fridays Sweepstakes.” You can learn more about it and, as of now, you still have a chance to enter the last drawing to win a Big Screen TV on the TaxACT Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TaxACT.

Having already received attention from national dailies and respected advertising publications, TaxACT’s commercial is one of this year’s highly anticipated debut Super Bowl ads. View a sneak peek of the ad:

Once the entire commercial airs live during first quarter on Super Bowl Sunday, the full commercial will be featured on the TaxACT site. We can’t wait to see it in its entirety!

If you see it and like it, too, please vote for it using direct links on http://free.taxact.com to one or more of the Super Bowl contests that rank the best commercials, including USA Today and Facebook’s “Ad Meter,” Twitter’s “Ad Scrimmage” and YouTube’s “Ad Blitz.” Thanks!

InfoSpace Acquires TaxAct to propel its growth into the online software sector

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Today, I’m excited to announce that InfoSpace has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 2nd Story Software, the makers of TaxAct, one of the leading providers of online tax solutions. TaxACT’s easy to use, affordable tax preparation software and Web-based services are available for consumers, business owners and tax professionals. More than five million online tax filers used TaxAct last season alone, and it is uniquely positioned in a strong and growing tax preparation market to continue its growth. That market is in the early stages of a digital transition, and as an Internet company, InfoSpace is ideally suited to take TaxACT to the next level. I am confident that by bringing together our shared vision and complementary strengths, we will be able to accelerate the growth and bolster the development of a global platform in the online software sector.

This transformational transaction is a true milestone for our company. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition will create. We’re very impressed with the TaxACT team and the business they’ve worked hard to build. We expect to finalize the transaction this quarter and following its completion, TaxACT will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of InfoSpace. It will continue its operations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a standalone business unit, led by the current TaxACT management team. We’re looking forward to collaborating with TaxAct’s 70-member team. You can learn more about TaxACT, or get started and easily file your taxes from start to refund, on their website at www.TaxAct.com. For more information about InfoSpace, visit visit www.infospace.com, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn.

Bill Ruckelshaus
President and CEO, InfoSpace

The Top Searches of Dogpile.com for 2011

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Today we released our annual most-popular searched terms for our flagship metasearch engine, Dogpile. Based on an analysis of hundreds of millions of the most searched queries submitted on Dogpile.com, we were able to gauge the interests of American Internet users. We found that 2011was filled with celebrity curiosities, high-profile trials, sex scandals and economic anxieties. Following are the top ten favorite fetches, or top searches, on Dogpile.com for 2011.

Top Ten Overall Favorite Fetches:
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. NFL
4. American Idol
5. iPad
6. iPhone
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Justin Bieber
9. Casey Anthony trial
10. Powerball

For the second year in a row, Facebook appeared on the top of our list of the most-searched terms. Although navigational searches can account for many of those searches, Facebook had such strong numbers in comparison to other terms, that we couldn’t discount it for its popularity, the numerous site updates, and its impact on Americans’ lives.

Unlike 2010, when news events saturated most of last year’s lists, two people made it to the top ten this year. Reality TV show queen, Kim Kardashian, and pop/R&B teen sensation, Justin Bieber, showed that their celebrity status piqued almost every online users’ interests this year.

Dogpile users also seemed to use the Internet more often this year as an outlet for entertainment aside from celebrity intrigue. Searches for online games, dating sites and tech gadget reviews made noticeably high appearances throughout the years.

The economy was ever-present in Dogpile search queries through more unemployment related themes, such as job listings, resume templates and cover letter samples. Based on an increasingly high number of searches like coupons, credit unions, minimum wage, Sallie Mae, and lottery results, it seemed that Internet users were finding more money making tips and savings strategies online.

Whether Internet users search on Dogpile.com for news and navigation, or reviews and resources, it’s clear that Dogpile, with its renewed partnerships with Bing, Google and Yahoo! this year, provided the most comprehensive search results again in 2011.

For more on Dogpile searches, follow Arfie on our Dogpile Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/dogpilesearch, and search on www.Dogpile.com every day, where you’ll find a daily listing of Dogpile’s favorite fetches.

The Most Popular Retail Shopping Websites of the Holiday Season

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The beginning of the traditional holiday shopping season began a little early again this year – Thanksgiving night around 9 p.m. in some areas to be exact. If you were like me, you were quickly out the door after having Thanksgiving dinner and your second helping of pumpkin pie, to head to, and maneuver, the annual Black Friday sales.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one with this plan either as I could attest by the long lines at the local chain stores. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, a retail trade association, nearly one-quarter of Black Friday shoppers were at big box retail stores by midnight on Thanksgiving night. Last year, that figure was 9.5 percent, and only 3.3 percent in 2009.

The National Retail Federation reported that Black Friday sales hit the highest figures in its survey history. By the end of the biggest shopping day of the year, consumers spent more than $52 billion at retail stores and online.

Arfie, Dogpile's mascot, searches for cyber deals on Dogpile.com

Weekend sales figures are still being calculated, but even investors are bullish and optimistic. U.S. stocks posted sharp gains today, Cyber Monday, after reports of strong Black Friday weekend sales. If such reports, along with predicted Cyber Monday sales, are any indication, holiday sales will continue to climb this week based on earlier (Cyber Sunday) and longer (Cyber Week) promotions. Retailers, big and small, are hoping to reach new highs in sales for the remaining holiday shopping season; consumers are just as eager to find more great bargains, and all are hoping the holiday sales will stimulate the economy.

Cyber Monday isn’t over, and there are still 27 shopping days left until Christmas. You can quickly find the best deals on Dogpile.com to help sort through it all at http://www.dogpile.com/dogpile/web/Cyber+Week+Sales.

Here’s the top 15 list of the top searched retail websites from Dogpile.com online users between Black Friday to today, Cyber Monday:
1. Best Buy
2. Apple Store
3. Shari’s Berries
4. Amazon
5. Walmart
6. Home Depot
7. Lowes
8. Target
9. Sears
10.Toys R’ Us
14.Bed, Bath and Beyond
15.Sam’s Club

Did you score any fabulous deals on Black Friday – Cyber Monday? Brag all about it on InfoSpace’s Facebook or Google+ pages. One of your FB friends may hope they’re the lucky recipient of it, or they may get one for themselves before the season is over!

How To Be Thankful and Give Back on Thanksgiving Day and Every Day

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This year has been difficult for many Americans, but despite the hardships, there are still many things to be grateful for. That’s one reason why we were thrilled to see an increase in search results on ways to be charitable and thankful. We’d like to share a few of these top search results on the ways you can give back this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

1. Donate to Meals on Wheels home-delivered meals for seniors – Millions of elderly Americans are unable to leave their homes to go grocery shopping, eat out at restaurants, or travel to have Thanksgiving dinner with family members who may live out of state. Organizations like Meals on Wheels provide home-delivery of meals to the elderly. Volunteer your time by preparing food, or delivering a meal to senior citizens in your area.

2. Thank U.S. troops for their service – American troops are, thankfully, beginning their journey back home this holiday season, but it’s not too late to send them thanks for the time they spent serving our country. Email a thank you note through a non-profit organization, or help with transition services through your local Veterans Affairs office.

3. Donate and read a book to inpatients at a children’s hospital –In all the excitement over the holidays, many American kids may forget that there are other little ones just like them that may not get the chance to enjoy Thanksgiving at home, or even worse, have the luxury of having good health. Encourage your kids to pick a book or toy to give to young patients at the local children’s hospital. This may also help kids learn to be more thankful for their own health.

4. Donate a warm blanket or jacket to the homeless – Some organizations are unable to take in volunteers who haven’t signed up weeks in advance. Sometimes, it’s just enough to safely leave warm blankets and coats at donation boxes at shelters, or near locations where the homeless can find and use them.

5. Donate warm clothing to a foster care organization – Many children in foster care homes have already endured a lot in their young lives, and need a lot of time to adjust to their new environment. Help ease their transition during the holidays by donating new, trendy clothing that you’d enjoy wearing yourself at charity organizations dedicated to helping foster care youth.

6. Entertain others at a senior citizens home – Show your appreciation for your own musical talent and or performing arts skills by volunteering to sing or entertain others at a local nursing home.

7. Invite an extra guest for Thanksgiving dinner – Some friends may be alone or away from loved ones during the holidays. Show graciousness by extending a dinner invitation to a friend. Your company will help spread joy.

8. Create wreaths for patients at a local hospital – Learn how to make a simple holiday wreath at home, and bring some to the local hospital. Visiting patients that are away from home during the holidays, and giving them a small gift that will scent their rooms, is a nice way to show and share the nice little things in your own life that you are thankful for.

9. Adopt a new pet from the local animal shelter – Some families will worry about over-feeding their pets, while many other pets remain hungry and alone at animal shelters. Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a new pet to take home and care for.

10. Donate non-perishable food and volunteer to serve the homeless at a local soup kitchen – While many consider this volunteer effort to be an annual Thanksgiving event, there are many Americans, including children, who are, unfortunately, homeless and hungry every day of the year. Bringing canned goods and volunteering at a local soup kitchen during the Thanksgiving holiday and throughout the year is a sincere way to give back.

The meaning behind Thanksgiving is to show gratitude for our blessings and to give to those less fortunate or in need. Reflect on your own reasons to be thankful, and try these ideas with your family and friends to show your gratefulness and goodwill. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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