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Dogpile Search Has Gone Mobile

By Guest Blogger

by Andrew Sprague

They say curiosity killed the cat, but dogs will sniff out the answers to all their questions. When a pup is curious he may use his sense of smell—but now there’s an easier way to find what you’re looking for!

InfoSpace just released the new, free Dogpile Search app, which is available for the iPhone and iPad. Dogpile allows you to perform quick Web searches, and in seconds, find the answers to any questions or curiosities you may have. It’s that simple!

With so many apps on the market today, it can be hard to know which to choose. But when it comes to Web searching, Dogpile will be your best friend. That’s because when you enter a search term, Dogpile goes out and gathers results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. After removing duplicate pages, we display only the best the Web has to offer.

This app doesn’t just search the Web though. There are several other exciting features included. The first is the ability to search for images. Use the Dogpile app to find almost any picture imaginable. Share your searches with others, post images on Facebook, or email Web searches to friends. The possibilities are endless.

The Dogpile app is the one stop, time-saving search solution for your iPhone and iPad. Download it today at, and let us know what you think about it on our Facebook page at

The Top Searches of for 2011

By Stacy

Today we released our annual most-popular searched terms for our flagship metasearch engine, Dogpile. Based on an analysis of hundreds of millions of the most searched queries submitted on, we were able to gauge the interests of American Internet users. We found that 2011was filled with celebrity curiosities, high-profile trials, sex scandals and economic anxieties. Following are the top ten favorite fetches, or top searches, on for 2011.

Top Ten Overall Favorite Fetches:
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. NFL
4. American Idol
5. iPad
6. iPhone
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Justin Bieber
9. Casey Anthony trial
10. Powerball

For the second year in a row, Facebook appeared on the top of our list of the most-searched terms. Although navigational searches can account for many of those searches, Facebook had such strong numbers in comparison to other terms, that we couldn’t discount it for its popularity, the numerous site updates, and its impact on Americans’ lives.

Unlike 2010, when news events saturated most of last year’s lists, two people made it to the top ten this year. Reality TV show queen, Kim Kardashian, and pop/R&B teen sensation, Justin Bieber, showed that their celebrity status piqued almost every online users’ interests this year.

Dogpile users also seemed to use the Internet more often this year as an outlet for entertainment aside from celebrity intrigue. Searches for online games, dating sites and tech gadget reviews made noticeably high appearances throughout the years.

The economy was ever-present in Dogpile search queries through more unemployment related themes, such as job listings, resume templates and cover letter samples. Based on an increasingly high number of searches like coupons, credit unions, minimum wage, Sallie Mae, and lottery results, it seemed that Internet users were finding more money making tips and savings strategies online.

Whether Internet users search on for news and navigation, or reviews and resources, it’s clear that Dogpile, with its renewed partnerships with Bing, Google and Yahoo! this year, provided the most comprehensive search results again in 2011.

For more on Dogpile searches, follow Arfie on our Dogpile Facebook Page at, and search on every day, where you’ll find a daily listing of Dogpile’s favorite fetches.

The Most Popular Retail Shopping Websites of the Holiday Season

By Stacy

The beginning of the traditional holiday shopping season began a little early again this year – Thanksgiving night around 9 p.m. in some areas to be exact. If you were like me, you were quickly out the door after having Thanksgiving dinner and your second helping of pumpkin pie, to head to, and maneuver, the annual Black Friday sales.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one with this plan either as I could attest by the long lines at the local chain stores. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, a retail trade association, nearly one-quarter of Black Friday shoppers were at big box retail stores by midnight on Thanksgiving night. Last year, that figure was 9.5 percent, and only 3.3 percent in 2009.

The National Retail Federation reported that Black Friday sales hit the highest figures in its survey history. By the end of the biggest shopping day of the year, consumers spent more than $52 billion at retail stores and online.

Arfie, Dogpile's mascot, searches for cyber deals on

Weekend sales figures are still being calculated, but even investors are bullish and optimistic. U.S. stocks posted sharp gains today, Cyber Monday, after reports of strong Black Friday weekend sales. If such reports, along with predicted Cyber Monday sales, are any indication, holiday sales will continue to climb this week based on earlier (Cyber Sunday) and longer (Cyber Week) promotions. Retailers, big and small, are hoping to reach new highs in sales for the remaining holiday shopping season; consumers are just as eager to find more great bargains, and all are hoping the holiday sales will stimulate the economy.

Cyber Monday isn’t over, and there are still 27 shopping days left until Christmas. You can quickly find the best deals on to help sort through it all at

Here’s the top 15 list of the top searched retail websites from online users between Black Friday to today, Cyber Monday:
1. Best Buy
2. Apple Store
3. Shari’s Berries
4. Amazon
5. Walmart
6. Home Depot
7. Lowes
8. Target
9. Sears
10.Toys R’ Us
14.Bed, Bath and Beyond
15.Sam’s Club

Did you score any fabulous deals on Black Friday – Cyber Monday? Brag all about it on InfoSpace’s Facebook or Google+ pages. One of your FB friends may hope they’re the lucky recipient of it, or they may get one for themselves before the season is over!

Dogpile Now Offers Local Fetches

By Stacy

One of the exciting announcements we made during our earnings announcement today was the launch of a new local search functionality on Dogpile. Released by our Search Platform team this past month, this feature enables consumers to find local information faster and easier during their online search experience.

We partnered with CityGrid Media as our content provider for local data, which includes both paid and non-paid results. The partnership has quickly shown how local listings are beneficial for online users just as they are for businesses.

In a sponsored study released just today by the media company, CityGrid® shared survey findings and found that “when it comes to people researching and finding local businesses at the desktop, the majority of people (two-thirds) reported that search engines and review sites are their first stop when looking for local information online.”

Furthermore, when it comes to consumers searching on their mobile phones, the research finds that consumer behavior changes and people are more likely to base their decisions on a search engine (17%) than on a review site (15%) when searching for a local business or restaurant.

So, merchants need to enhance their content by being more mindful of how their business appears online, which, in turn, helps increase their local search results.

Find out where your business is ranked among others locally, or as an online consumer, check out the new local search tool on to research and find your next local business or restaurant with this quick overview:

Visit and click on the local tab.

Type in your keywords and the city in the search fields, and then click “Go Fetch!” for your information.

In the search results, you’ll find geographical listings which can be sorted alphabetically, by relevance, highest ratings, most reviews, or by listings with offers. Search results can be further refined by additional factors such as cuisine, restaurant features and price ranges. These filter categories change based on the type of search that is submitted.

At Dogpile, we have the opportunity to improve the depth and breadth of our content by augmenting what we get from our partners, the major search engines – Bing, Google and Yahoo!, enabling a better user experience for our consumers. We’re excited that we’ll continue to add additional features to further improve this tool, and soon be able to offer this feature for our global distribution partners to use for local searches throughout the world, too.

A new season for search

By Stacy

As the summer wedding season winds down, and the back to school bustle begins, the search industry is undergoing a “life change” of its own. News of the departure of Yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz, has everyone inquiring about what is next for the company. With still a lot of speculation throughout the web over what is yet to come, we can only guess. What we know for sure, however, is that Yahoo has always been, and will continue to be a valuable partner to us. The inclusion of its search results within our metasearch engines enhances the comprehensive results we offer our Internet users every day. We wish Yahoo (and Bartz) the best of luck for a seamless and successful transition.

Similar to a couple in its newlywed stage, or a new school year with old classmates, it’s always comforting to know we can rely on some familiar relationships among new beginnings. Congratulations to another one of our search partners, Bing, for their renewal of their search deal with Twitter. Bing, like, has direct feed access to integrating real-time Twitter results within its own search results since its marriage in 2009.

While Twitter does not share its data feed with our other search partner, Google, we assume that the search giant isn’t fretting too much about being left behind at the altar. Like the start of any new season, we’re confident each of our search partners will turn a new leaf with exciting, new technology to share. With our own transitions at InfoSpace this past spring and summer, we, too, have new developments to share this autumn. Stay tuned!

The InfoSpace Search Team

How do your employees “Raise the Woof”?

By Stacy

At InfoSpace, we encourage our employees to donate to charities and support other causes important to them. Sr. SEM Manager Scott Penrose and our Dogpile mascot, Arfie, did exactly that during a “Raise the Woof” fundraiser on July 17.

Scott followed the story of Faith Creighton, a 7-year old girl from Silverdale, Wash., who had a stroke soon after she was born. She is now autistic and contends daily with multiple life threatening food allergies, mild cerebral palsy and recurrent polyserositis. When a family friend brought their dog for a recent visit to see Faith last February, Faith instantly became calm like she never had before. Faith’s mom made it an immediate goal to raise money to buy a service dog for Faith.

“I had heard of service dogs before and did some research when Faith was younger, but the cost was a huge deterrent,” said Faith’s mom, Allison Creighton. “(However) I knew that no matter the cost, or how long it took us to raise the funds, that we would get her a service dog.”

Alison got in touch with a non-profit organization that trains and places service puppies with autistic adults and children. Despite the high cost of buying and training a service dog, and regardless of the challenges that come with running a single-income military family, Allison was determined to earn enough money to buy an autistic service dog for her daughter. Soon enough, Allison raised enough money by selling bracelets on her blog, and also winning a Pepsi grant. Last April, Faith was paired with Bella, an autism service Siberian husky in training.

Faith will soon have a companion to help ease the difficulties she deals with daily due to her disabilities. Bella, however, will need to be trained further before the pup is fully ready to help Faith. To assist in training and travel costs, Allison partnered with Bella Bella, a cupcake bakery who had heard of Faith’s story, and hosted a “Raise the Woof” fundraising event in Silverdale. Kids sat in a fire truck, decorated cupcakes, and listened to live music.

Faith and a friend decorate cupcakes at Bella Bella Cupcakes in Silverdale, Wash as Arfie looks on. The "Raise the Woof" benefit raised training and transportation money for Faith to get Bella, an autism service dog.

Scott and Arfie were there to entertain Faith and her supporters, too. To help Faith get Bella sooner, Scott and Arfie also presented a $1,000 check to Faith and her family on behalf of InfoSpace.

Dogpile's mascot, Arfie, presents a donation to Faith and her family on behalf of InfoSpace.

“Thank you for helping us make our dream a reality,” said Allison. “Being able to have her own service dog is going to allow Faith, and me as her primary caregiver, a level of independence I had never even thought possible.”

Faith tickles Arfie's tummy at her fundraising event

We’re proud of Scott for taking the initiative to support Faith and Bella. Find out more about Faith and her journey to meet and train with Bella on the “Raise the Woof” Facebook fan page at

Favorite Fetches: Americans Emote

By Stacy

Fireworks on the 4th of July weren’t the only things sparkling in the last few days. A range of strong emotions seemed to flow throughout the web in response to numerous news topics based on favorite fetches on this past week.

Casey Anthony Acquitted:
Many Internet users who followed the six week trial of Casey Anthony were enraged when a jury announced a verdict last Tuesday, and acquitted Anthony. The 25-year old who was charged with first degree murder, child abuse, manslaughter of a child, and providing false information to law enforcement in the 2008 disappearance and death of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee, was found guilty only for the last charge.

Cyclists Search Abroad about the Tour de France:
With the popular Seattle-to-Portland bike event held in July, it seems that everyone is inspired right now to go out and bike around our neck of the woods. Whether they’re searching for training tips or cheering for their favorite cyclist, Dogpile cyclists near and far have been searching online for the 2011 Tour De France the minute they get to a destination with a couch and cable TV. Although we’ll miss seeing Lance Armstrong bike through the Arc and Alps, it seems that Arfie fans will still continue searching for cycling inspiration this year.

Potter character Admits to Alcohol Abuse:
Many “Harry Potter” fans are eager to see the last of the “Harry Potter” film series. The highly anticipated film will hit the big screens on July 15. Unfortunately, a favorite fetch on was news of Daniel Radcliffe, actor for the Harry Potter character, who admitted to having a drinking problem during a recent interview with GQ magazine. Harry Potter fans were quite disappointed to read the news, and are hopeful that Radcliffe will follow his goals to get cleaned up.

More Favorite Fetches:
Other favorite fetches this week included searches on the massive dust cloud that engulfed Phoenix, Arizona this past week. Onlookers and viewers of the Phoenix Dust Cloud left many in awe of the 10,000 foot high “wall of dust that blotted out the sun.” Searches on the surprise selection of South Korea as the host for the 2018 Olympics also topped the list this past week.

Space Shuttle Ends an Era:
However, perhaps the most emotional and favorite fetch of the week, was on queries about the last NASA Space Shuttle mission. After 30 years, NASA’s Space Shuttle program ended its final stage today as its Space Shuttle Atlantis launched into space for the last time. The last flight to International Space Station ends an era in space travel, leaving many Americans nostalgic from witnessing launches in the past, yet optimistic that journeys into space will again continue someday.

This week of favorite fetches may’ve been based on a full range of emotional sparks, but one thing is for certain – it was also a week full of American pride.